Adventures in homestyling part 3: the Things I like

What follows is a photographic account of the violation of my home and my aesthetics for the simple reason of making it more commercially appealing.

In this third installment I thought it might be time to bring up some things I actually liked.

The absolutely best thing is because we moved our computer area I could finally set up a sewing corner in the bookshelf. All the boxes, things, doodads and books, no way I can make it look tidy and that’s what I like about it.

Notice how the sewing machine isn’t plugged in? Yeah …

Living Room

First thing I made after setting up the sewing corner was this table runner.


The cats never let me have things like these on the walls, I’m looking at every catfree weekend as an opportunity.


I like turtles and mini Höganäs jugs.


And tiny ships in tiny bottles. I mean, who doesn’t?


Then we got Lenin as a book stand. Who doesn’t need random communist memorabilia in their decorating scheme? (There’s a Chairman Mao vase in the next installement)

Living room

The table and my first doily.

Living room

To be continued…

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